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On-Demand Support

Local service & resource placement when you need it, the way you want it

We offer a thorough evaluation of your business processes and provide a detailed Salesforce recommendation report for enhancements that will support your company’s growth and goals across all departments. We will thoroughly examine your company to discern your immediate and future needs so we can create a plan to fulfill your requirements and reach your goals.

Through a series of discovery sessions and interviews, we’ll be able to understand you and your company’s goals better and identify any areas of improvement in your processes, Salesforce instance, or ecosystem of applications.

On-Demand Support

  • 24/7 support tailored to your specific organization and Salesforce instance
  • 5X faster case resolutions than traditional Salesforce support
  • Localized support teams available fit to your region
  • On-site services & resource placements
  • Project Team dedicated to your Salesforce instance


  • Analyze your business ecosystem: the processes, systems, and apps.
  • Determine widespread CRM needs and goals.
  • Outline the results that Salesforce customization and implementation will deliver.
  • Offer an extensive recommendation report

Our Unique Approach

Unrivaled Quality

We deliver high-quality project delivery at an enterprise level. We are happy to serve anyone, regardless of their size. You will not be disappointed with our service.

Agile Approach

We desire to help you bear the load of your company and make your business easier to manage, rather than just work from the outside.

Complete Transparency

We strive to make a lasting impact on your company. Our goal is to build real trust with you that impacts beyond the project and to the customer.

Rapid Turnaround & Response

Our certified team members work round the clock to be there for you whenever you need anything. These team members are both domestic and global.


We work to simplify your company. 7ecom ensures the business and technology processes are in place, before working with the tools.

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